Thai and Vietnamese Fruits at our Market in East Vancouver

We have a beautiful array of Thai and Vietnamese fruits in our produce section at Chong Lee Market. We carry such Thai fruits as rambutan, durian, pomelo, and jackfruit, as well as Vietnamese fruits like mango, mangosteen, dragon fruit, and papaya. All of our offerings are fresh and delicious, with a sweet, fruity flavour. Looking for something that’s especially hard to find? Come talk to us, because we import fruits from all over the world that are native to tropical countries!

Fruits make a beautiful addition to many dishes and are delicious served on their own. They are the perfect afternoon snack and provide outstanding nutrition and health benefits when consumed.

Not quite sure how to eat the fruit you just purchased? Just ask! Some of the tropical fruits that we carry at our Vancouver Asian supermarket look pretty different than the fruits that we have in Canada. We’ll be happy to offer tips on preparing and serving our Thai and Vietnamese fruit offerings for any occasion.

If you’re looking for the finest quality Asian foods, look no further. Freshness and customer satisfaction are practiced on a daily basis, enhancing your shopping experience. Simply contact us today!

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