We value your continued loyalty to our East Vancouver Chinese market and want to share with you how much we care! With our brand-new rewards program, we will provide you with some of the happiness and joy that you’ve shown us over our many years in business. At Chong Lee Market, at the heart of our business is freshness, quality, and accessibility, and we love delivering the best flavours and authenticity to your kitchen. With our new rewards program, we hope you get to enjoy just a little bit more of the offerings we have!

Next time you’re in our Asian supermarket, simply ask us about the Chong Lee Market Rewards Program and we’ll give you a rewards card. 

Use this card every time we have a rewards promotion and you’ll be rewarded! It’s as easy as that!

We look forward to seeing you in Chong Lee Market soon and thank you for being such loyal customers!

To register your card and start redeeming, please visit this website: https://my.ackroo.com/CardHolder/