Welcome to Chong Lee Market, your Vancouver Chinese Supermarket. Come see us for our impressive array of live seafood, fresh meats, and produce, as well as an extensive selection of Asian barbeque and prepared offerings. We hope to enrich your shopping experience by introducing you to traditional Asian foods and culture. We value our customers and their continued loyalty to our Chinese Food Market and strive to provide knowledgeable service with top-quality offerings. Stop by Chong Lee Market today!

Our Chinese Supermarket in East Vancouver, Chong Lee Market, was founded in 1987 by Vincent Wong. We started as a small, retail store in Vancouver’s Chinatown district, specializing in a large variety of fresh seafood and a small selection of fruits and veggies. After 10 years in business, we became a mid-sized Asian supermarket with a seafood department (selling live seafood), a meat department (selling fresh meat, specializing in Asian cuts), a cooked food department (selling Asian style BBQ and Asian takeout cuisine), a fruit and vegetable department, a deli department, and a grocery department (selling a wide variety of canned and dried groceries). At the heart of our business is freshness, quality, and accessibility.

At present, Chong Lee is operating one warehouse and two supermarkets, all situated in East Vancouver. If you’re looking for the finest quality Asian foods, look no further. Freshness and customer satisfaction are practiced on a daily basis, enhancing your shopping experience. Simply contact us today!