At Chong Lee Market, we have an extensive array of Chinese barbeque, ranging from pork and chicken to duck and goose, among other selections. Prepared traditionally in our Asian supermarkets, these dishes are covered in a delicious sauce and then roasted, creating a deep, well-developed flavour.

Called “char sui” in traditional cultures, Chinese barbeque is famous because of its sweet and salty flavour, which embellishes the taste of the meat. The sauce is the highlight of the dish, and we prepare ours fresh every day at Chong Lee Market.

Chinese barbeque is one of our most popular dishes at Chong Lee Market. It makes a wonderful dinner or lunch idea and is paired nicely with rice and vegetables. It also provides great flavour to any dish. If you’re looking for a particular type of Chinese barbeque for your cooking needs, the staff at our Asian supermarkets in East Vancouver are here to help you find what you’re looking for.

Interested in trying to make your own Chinese barbeque? Take a look in our grocery department for “char sui” sauces and roast your meat at home! If you’re looking for the finest quality Asian foods, look no further. Freshness and customer satisfaction are practiced on a daily basis, enhancing your shopping experience. Simply contact us today!